STRAWKling our way to a healthier ocean.


What on Earth is STRAWkling?

Every piece of plastic created still exists somewhere, and more than eight million tons of the stuff makes its way to the ocean every year.

Plastic pollution is an overwhelming issue, and it can be hard to know where to begin when it comes to taking action. Which is why we want you to start small and tackle just one item; plastic straws.

Operation Straw is a clean up initiative designed to tackle the prolific amount of plastic found in Manly Cove and beyond. Manly Cove in Sydney, Australia is a hotspot for plastic pollution, and in particular, straws.  Over Summer 2018, volunteers from across the Northern Beaches gathered every Saturday morning to jump in the ocean for a STRAWkle (that’s a snorkel for straws).

In just 12 weeks, volunteers collected more than 2000 plastic straws from the area. The findings from the project helped to inspire more than forty businesses in the local area to say 'see-ya' to single-use plastic straws. 


2500+ plastic straws plucked from the ocean.


Our mission

Australians use 2.9 billion straws a year. These items are used for moments but will last on the planet longer than you do, and evidently are making their way into our local environment.

Our mission is to inspire you to jump in the ocean for a STRAWkle, and then provide you with the tools you need to cut single-use plastic items like straws out of your life. We want to help you to kick the plastic habit and empower other communities around the world to do the same.

‘Operation Straw’ is an initiative of SO Manly and Grumpy Turtle Design.

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Attend a STRAWkle

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Host a STRAWkle

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Our Impact


Last summer we:


Collected 2103 straws 

In 12 STRAWkles, we pulled more than 2,000 plastic straws from the ocean in a 200m x 30m area.


Engaged 319 volunteers

STRAWkling became a Saturday morning activity loved by all ages, with hundreds (known as the STRAWkle Squad) coming to jump in the ocean and clean it up over Summer.


Trained 45 Business Engagement Warriors

We worked with Plastic Free Manly to harness the enthusiasm of the STRAWkle Squad and give them the tools and training to talk to local businesses and empower them to ditch the plastic straw. 


Convinved 40+ businesses to go plastic-straw free

In collaboration with Convenient for Who and Plastic Free Manly, we helped more than 40 businesses removed plastic straws from their operations.


Made the news more than ten times!

We helped bring some much needed attention to the impact plastic straws have on our blue backyard





Operation Straw in the Spotlight

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Operation Straw has garnered international media attention since its launch in December.
Articles can be found on ABC NewsThe Daily Telegraph , ABC online7 News andDaily Mail and the project was featured on SunriseABC Breakfast TV and Studio 10.


Our Partners

We couldn’t do what we do without a little help from our friends. Big love to the below businesses and organisations who help us on our mission!

Dive Centre Manly

Our pals at Dive Centre Manly offer half price rental for those needing to hire snorkel equipment and wetsuits. Thank you!

Hotel Steyne

Hotel Steyne has shown us bucket-loads of support and regularly host our community events. The best part? They are totally plastic straw free!


Ready to help?

Join us for a STRAWkle Sesh

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