Harriet Spark


Harriet fell in love with the ocean while dive instructing on the Great Barrier Reef. Experiencing the beauty of the underwater world first-hand, and learning about the threats this ecosystem faces, led her to swap her fins and mask for a pencil and computer.

Harriet believes in conservation through creative communication. Harriet has worked in communications and design for some of Australia’s leading environmental organisations, including 1 Million Women and Taronga Conservation Society Australia, and has spearheaded several environmental initiatives, the most recent being Operation Straw.


Dr. Alicia Lloyd


Alicia is a coral biologist who has recently traded in her lab coat and pipette to share stories of sustainable living in her local community.

As the marine scientist and sustainability advisor behind Operation Straw, Alicia is working on local solutions to global problems and building a community that fuses the local economy with the protection of the ocean and environment.

Keeping her science skills at the forefront, Alicia runs community workshops & events, write grants & reports and manages the data collection & dissemination.


Richard Woodgett

Chief of logistics

Richard grew up in the U.K and didn’t get to experience the wonders of the ocean until his late teens. Since then he has become a hardcore ocean enthusiast.

Richard is mildly obsessed with jumping in the water with his camera at every available chance, and loves to capture the ocean and the people working hard to protect it. 

Richard has a background in project management, and is in charge of all things practical and well, operational, for Operation Straw.