“No plastic straw please!”



What YOU can do to be exSTRAWdinary


Most drinks can be drunk without a straw these days. Plus, it's a great way to start a conversation with your bartender about the impact of plastic straws!



You can carry a metal, bamboo or glass straw with you for those occasions when you really want a straw.


As a customer, you have more power than you think. Let your favourite venue know you'd love for them to stop using plastic straws. You can even visit them with a few resources to help them get started. 


So you're a business wanting to ditch straws?


Bravo, we think you're great.

Saying ‘see ya’ to straws and other single-use plastic items isn’t just good for our oceans, it’s good for your business. 

More and more consumers are choosing to spend their money at businesses that care. In fact, a third of consumers are now choosing to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good. 

Not automatically putting a straw in a drink is a great way to save money and reduce plastic waste. Venues can keep alternative straws (paper/metal/bamboo/glass) on stand-by for the few patrons that need a straw for medical reasons or for special drinks that are nice with a straw. 

Let your customers know you've removed straws from your operations, or remind them to ask for their drink without the straw by displaying our free printable resources.  Be sure to list your venue on the quickly growing Last Straw Map. 

Need some help making the switch?


Plastic Free Manly

If you're based around Manly, Plastic Free Manly can help you get started on your straw-free journey. Be part of a growing community of sustainably focused businesses and benefit from the increased PR you’ll receive when you’re part of their campaign.  


The Last Straw

If you're based elsewhere in Australia, check out The Last Straw and get involved with their awesome program. Sign up as a straw-free venue and be part of a huge collective of businesses doing good for this blue planet of ours.


Straw free schools


Can your school pledge to #StrawNoMore?

10 year old Molly is on a mission to encourage schools to stop sucking. 

After learning about the impact of plastic pollution on marine life, Molly asked her School Principal if the school could stop using plastic straws at our school tuckshop. He agreed, and since then, Molly has had schools all over the world make a pledge to be straw free! 

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Straw No More 


Learn how to become a straw-free school here. 




If you've decided to make the straw switch, it's time to shout about it from the rooftops!
Download our free printable resources below, and let everyone know about the positive move you've made. 


'No Straw Thanks'

If you're yet to completely eliminate plastic straws from your operations, but have moved plastic straws off display or only offer them on request, encourage your customers to sip straw free by displaying this poster or postcard. 


Plastic Straw Free

You've completely ditched plastic straws? Excuse us while we do a little happy dance. Display this poster or postcard to share the good news.




War on Waste Toolkit

Got an epic idea to tackle plastic straws or other waste but aren't sure where or how to begin?
In collaboration with ABC, our pals at Good for the Hood have created a toolkit to guide you on all the tips and tricks to start your own campaign! Check it out here.